How to Securely and Properly Store Valuables in a Storage Unit

Published on 4/3/2023

Whether moving to a new home or rotating what you use, you sometimes need valuable items to go into storage. Art, antiques, jewelry, dishware, books, clothing, and photographs are items that are likely cherished but take up space in your home. Keeping those items in a secure storage unit not only frees up space but keeps them protected from direct sunlight and, in some cases, can be a safer option than your home. 

Lock on secure storage unit

Here are some tips to properly store your valuables.


Use a Safe 

Small items like jewelry can benefit from a small safe to provide extra security. A safe makes small valuables less of a target for theft and can help protect them from the elements, such as water damage.


Choose the Right Storage Company

Trusting your storage unit company is the first step to protecting your valuables. Outta Sight Storage takes pride in providing secure storage for any items you store with us. Each unit has an individual lock, our facility is fenced, and we have 24-hour video recording.


Pack Properly

Most of your precious valuables are likely fragile, and you should take care when you pack them for storage. Bubble wrap and newspaper are excellent materials for protecting items such as artwork. Storing soft items such as clothes in plastic bins safeguards them against pests and the elements. 


Know What to Store

Many items, such as perishables, living things, or hazardous materials, should not be kept in a storage unit. Outta Sight Storage does not have heated units, meaning items damaged by heat or cold should stay at home. Check out our Things You Can’t Keep in Your Storage Unit blog for more information.


Keep an Inventory of What You Store

Keeping track of what you are storing via a list or photography will help you remember which valuables are in your storage unit and can be a helpful tool in case of theft. Labeling your items is also a good idea so that you don’t have to unpack carefully wrapped items when looking for something specific. 


Keep Fragile Items on Top

Keeping valuables at the top of your storage unit reduces the chance of crushing artwork, dishware, books, and other fragile items. In addition, many objects benefit from being stored upright to lessen the chance of damage.


Purchase Insurance

Some homeowners insurance covers storage as well. Outta Sight Storage offers Tenant Protection Coverage options that give you peace of mind in the event of the unexpected.