Things You Can’t Keep in Your Storage Unit

Published on 3/6/2020

What can't I keep in my storage unit? It's a question we get asked all the time. While it’s easy to want to put everything you own into storage during a move or downsizing, there are some items that are not allowed. Some of these items are no-braniers, but other items could easily slip through the crack and cause damage to your belongings.

Here are some things you should never keep in your storage unit.

Pile of items in storage unit


Food will attract ants, rats and all sorts of pests to your storage unit. They will most likely chew their way through all your belongings until they find the food. Also, foods will rot, begin to smell, and grow mold and bacteria. These could cause damage to your other belongings, and have a lasting smell in your storage unit.

Scented items

Similarly to food, scented items could also be pest magnets and create lasting smells in your unit. Items such as scented candles could not only attract pests, but also melt if your storage unit becomes too hot. Our units are not climate controlled, so we do not recommended storing items that could be damaged by heat or cold.

Wet Items

Make sure anything you clean is completely dry before putting it into storage. Even your umbrella from a rainy day could grow mold and mildew when kept in storage for a long period of time.

Flammable or Combustible Items

Flammable or combustible items that are stored are considered a fire hazard. If there is chance an item could possibly catch fire or explode, don’t put it in your storage unit. Gas, propane, oil, chemicals, bleach, paint, paint thinner, liquor, acid, lighter fluid, fireworks, aerosols, and nail polish remover are all examples of some of these items.


While there are some places where weapons can be stored, it’s generally illegal to store firearms or weapons in your storage unit. Guns and ammunition are examples of these types of weapons. Make sure you know the local laws on what can and cannot be stored.

Living Things

Storage units are not for plants, animals, or living things of any kind. Plants need sunlight to survive and could also attract bugs to your unit, and for ethical reasons, you cannot store animals. Finally, you cannot live or work out of a storage unit, it’s illegal.

Check out our Storage FAQ page if you have any other question about our storage units.