Pros and Cons of Splitting a Storage Unit with Other People

Published on 3/10/2023

There are many benefits to having your own storage unit. You have full control of how you pack it and who has access to the belongings.  However, there are cases when splitting a storage unit with other people makes more sense from a monetary and practicality point of view. Before you decide to split a storage unit with a friend or family member, here are a few important pros and cons to help you make the best choice.

Pros and Cons of Splitting a Storage Unit with Other People

Pros of Splitting a Storage Unit

Saves You Money

Let’s face it. The cost of everything has been steadily going up.  With recent high gas prices and other economical factors, it’s more important than ever to save cash wherever you can.  Splitting a storage unit is a great way to save money and still be able to keep your belongings safe until you are ready to move or access them.  If you are planning to split a storage unit with multiple people, you can opt for a larger unit and it will still cost less than if you were to rent even the smallest unit by yourself. Also, if you need to keep your belongings stored longer than you anticipated, splitting a unit can extend the amount of time you are able to rent the unit. Sharing a unit is the best way to save money so you can have extra cash for other purchases.

More Helping Hands

If you have ever tried moving by yourself, you know how exhausting it can be.  If you decide to split a storage unit, you can rest a little easier knowing you will most likely have an extra set of hands to help you move your belongings.  Of course, when someone is helping you, you will also be helping them with their items.  By having multiple people, you can save a lot of time moving in and out of your storage unit. Along with saving time, you’ll avoid the extra stress put on your body when moving large and heavy items.


Self-storage units are usually pretty low maintenance. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t get unorganized from opening boxes to find items that you need frequently.  Going back to saving time, shifting stuff around and keeping the storage unit tidy takes time. By spitting a storage unit, you can also spit the responsibilities of keeping up on the maintenance so you can keep the unit easily accessible.

More Security

If you are sharing a storage unit with people that you trust, you will have more people to keep an eye on all the items in the storage unit. If you are only renting a unit by yourself and don’t go into the unit often, there is always a chance for theft. We recommend finding a storge facility like Outta Sight Storage which has 24/7 security measures. Because you will be sharing a unit, all parties involved will be more inclined to look after the unit.

Cons of Splitting a Storage Unit

Sharing Costs

While saving money is the number one reason to share a storage unit, it can also cause potential problems down the road. It does not matter if you are sharing with a close friend or family member, discussing money can always be a touchy subject. This is true especially if one person feels like the other person has more items and feel like they should pay more than 50/50.  It’s imperative to set clear boundaries before you split a storage unit so no one person gets stuck paying for the whole unit.

Lack of Control

One of the down sides of splitting a unit is you will not have full control of who is entering your unit. Your friend or family member may ask other people who you may not know to help them move their belongings. This can lead to your items being damaged or go missing. If this happens, it can lead to a finger pointing match which can cause strain on the relationship. Remember, if you are going to split a unit, make sure you fully trust the person you are sharing with.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether the pros of saving money outweigh the cons of potentially having less control over your unit. We hope this helps you make an informed decision! At Outta Sight Storage, we have units of all shapes and sizes. You can rent and manage your payments online and access your unit 24/7. Rent your unit today!