10 Things You Should Know When Storing Your Belongings Long-Term

Published on 7/10/2024
Long Term Storage Tips

1. Clean Before Storing

Before you store anything, it's crucial to thoroughly clean it and check for dirt, mold, or bugs. These unwanted guests ruin the items they infest and can spread to your other belongings. Moreover, they might attract rats and mice, the last thing you want in your storage unit.

2. Storing Clothes

Once you’ve cleaned your clothes, keeping them covered is crucial to help protect them from mustiness, air degradation, mildew, permanent wrinkles, and other potentially damaging factors. Wrap and hang your more delicate clothes to avoid wrinkles, while for your other clothes, you should fold and store them in a plastic container.

3. Storing Furniture

If possible, disassemble the furniture. Line the floor with a plastic sheet and cover your furniture with a cloth or another plastic sheet. Do not store anything significant on top of your furniture to prevent cracks or the furniture from breaking entirely.

4. Packing Containers

Clear plastic containers are your best bet for most of your packing needs, as they are light, and you can see what's inside each container. Containers with wheels are great for heavier belongings, making transporting to and from your storage unit easier. Make sure the lids of your containers are interlocking so you can easily stack multiple containers on top of one another. Plus, it's easier to open than latched containers while offering the same protection and security level.

5. Storing Mattresses

Mattresses, like clothes, should be wrapped to protect them from mold, bugs, and grime. Nothing should be stored on top of the mattress, as it could lose some of its shape or comfort if heavy items are left on it for an extended period.

6. Label and Organize

Most of us can’t even remember where we left our keys an hour ago, let alone where we put some clothes in a storage unit 6 months ago! So, to save the hassle of throwing everything around to find what you need, label all your containers and boxes. You can put a general label such as “Antiques” or get a little more specific and note each thing inside each container. You can also organize your storage unit by putting the stuff you need more readily near the front or grouping similar items together.

7. Check-in Once a Year

If you leave your stuff in a storage unit for multiple years, it’s a great idea to check up on your things once a year to ensure everything is up to snuff. This can also remind you of something you need to bring home or store inside the unit.

8. Things You Shouldn't Store Long-Term

Do not store things susceptible to the heat or the cold, as we do not provide climate-controlled storage units. Obvious things such as expirable food should not be stored in storage units for long, as well as scented items like candles or perfume, as they can attract rodents. Batteries, bleach, and other corrosive materials should not be stored long-term in storage units, as they could damage your unit or others.

9. Storage Insurance

Add another layer of security with rental insurance. Outta Sight Storage offers different coverage options depending on your items' worth, so no item goes unprotected! If you already have a storage unit, you can add tenant protection to an existing account.

10. Set Up Autopay

Life gets in the way sometimes, and we forget what bills we have to pay. So, avoid incurring any late fees by always paying your bill on time through setting up auto pay on our online billing portal.

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