Tips for Maximizing Space in Your Storage Unit

Published on 5/26/2023

Maximizing space in a storage unit can help you optimize its capacity and potentially save money by renting a smaller unit. The folks at Outta Sight Storage want you to get the most out of your rented unit so you can have peace of mind when it comes to storing your personal property. Keep reading below for our expert advice on maximizing your storage unit space. 

Maximizing the space in your storage unit

Our Tips

  1. Plan and Organize – Create a plan before you pack so you can visualize how you’ll want to arrange your personal belongings; make sure you categorize your items by priority, so you’ll be able to easily access the things you need most.  
  2. Label Boxes and Create an Inventory – Maintain an updated, easy-to-read inventory list and label all packed boxes in order to stay up to date on what items are kept in your unit. This will enable you to access specific belongings without having to disorganize the rest of your unit.
  3. Use Uniform Boxes – Sturdy, uniformly-sized boxes will make packing your items easier by providing a stable foundation that allows for maximum vertical space utilization.
  4. Disassemble Furniture – Whenever possible, remove furniture legs, detachable parts, and shelves. To keep things organized, consolidate screws and small components into labeled bags taped to your furniture pieces. 
  5. Utilize Vertical Space – You can take advantage of the benefits offered by your unit’s height when you stack boxes and items vertically using shelving units or pallets. 
  6. Create Aisles – Leaving space for narrow aisles between stacked boxes will allow you to access items in all areas of your storage unit without having to move things around. 

Remember, safety should always be prioritized when packing your personal storage unit. Avoid overpacking or stacking items too high, as it can create instability and potential hazards. By following these tips, you can make the most of your Outta Sight storage unit and efficiently utilize the available space.