Renting a Storage Unit While Moving

Published on 10/23/2020

Moving into a new house can be a challenge, especially when it comes to moving all your belongings. Sometimes it is not as simple as moving items from your old house into your new one right away, and you might need extra space either during or after your move.

Moving? Getting a Storage Unit Can Be a Great Idea

Here are a few of the reasons why having a storage unit can be beneficial during the moving process.

Your new home is not quite ready yet.

Timing can be everything in a move. You may find yourself in a situation where you’re moving out of your old house and the closing date in your new home is moved to a later date. In this scenario, renting a storage unit can be a safe and secure way of storing your furniture and other large items as you await access to your new house.

You are downsizing homes.

Downsizing into a smaller home is a great way to keep your house organized and reduce clutter. But what if you want to keep your clutter? By utilizing a storage unit during the moving process, you can store the essential items you don’t have space for in your new home. This is a great option for people who want to downsize their home without having to say goodbye to items of value.

You can easily access your storage unit.

Moving homes can be time consuming. Depending on your schedule, it might be difficult to find the perfect time to move all your household items. Renting a storage unit with us gives you 24-hour drive-up access, making it easy to complete the moving process on your own time.

Our storage units are safe and secure.

If you must use a storage unit during your move, you will have the peace of mind knowing your items are being stored safely in our facility with 24-hour video surveillance. We also offer tenant protection on your storage unit, which is the best way to protect your property’s value and get reimbursed for any potential damages.

Using a storage unit while moving homes is a great way to stay organized and keep your move stress free. Visit our FAQ page to learn more.