Signs You Should Rent A Storage Unit

Published on 7/23/2020

This happens to all of us, you find this amazing new place to move in to and it has all the space you have been looking for. Week by week you’re filling every nook and cranny with your beloved items. Then it just happens, one day you look around and there is no more space. Renting a storage unit is one way to store your belongings if you have limited space, or simply too much stuff. Here are five signs you need to rent a storage unit.

People moving boxes into a storage unit

1. There is no space in your garage for your car.

Yes, using your garage to store items is fine, but with it now overflowing with boxes, tools, and a bunch of things you ordered online, it may be time to rent a storage unit. There are many advantages to keeping your car in the garage, including preserving the exterior and interior and theft prevention. It also keeps you from having to brave the inclement weather on those rough days


2. You’re renovating your home.

If you’re carving out walls, adding a room extension, or reconstructing a leaky roof, the last thing you’ll need on your carpets, furniture, and appliances is an added layer of dust or building debris. During those times when home or office improvements are underway, a self-storage unit provides a safe temporary shelter for your valued movable items. Once the work is complete, you then have the option of removing your belongings from storage and restoring them to their original positions or taking the opportunity to re-plan your interiors.


3. You’re a collector.

To a certain extent, we’re all collectors of something, whether it’s photographs, tickets to ballgames, kids’ artwork, or the more serious collector of stamps, baseball cards, books, or a million other things. Some people collect these items for fun, possibly to relive nostalgic memories, or because they are a fan. Others collect as a way of growing their social lives through going to swap meets and garage sales to engage with similar-minded people. But all this collecting comes at the cost of a loss room in the home, garage, attic, or basement.


4. You're downsizing.

Downsizing to a smaller home can make your life much simpler and more organized and may reduce your monthly rent or mortgage payments. However, downsizing can be difficult when it comes to deciding what to keep and what to throw away. You can utilize a storage unit to keep important documents, keepsakes, furniture, and other items you don’t need to have with you in your new home.


5. You're selling your home.

Many homeowners find themselves needing short-term storage units when they need to move and are trying to sell their homes. Sellers must make their homes presentable to potential buyers. The home should look spacious enough for potential buyers to walk through, as well as visualize the possibilities of what they could bring into the home. This means you need to remove a lot of your own belongings from your home to make it look more presentable!

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