Must-Have Packing Supplies for Storage

Published on 7/22/2021

Must-have packing supplies

Moving to a new home and packing up all your belongings can be a daunting task. It is important to pack up your prized possessions securely and properly so that they are not damaged while they are in your storage unit or during the moving process. Keeping your belongings protected means using the correct packing materials. Check out this helpful list of must-have packing supplies before you start your packing or storage process!

Bubble Wrap – bubble wrap is essential in keeping fragile items safe and protected while in storage. Wrap any breakables with the bubble side facing inward.

Packing Paper – packing paper is another alternative to keeping your breakable items safe. Packing paper is less expensive and takes up less space than bubble wrap, so you will be able to have more room in your boxes for storing your items.

Cardboard Boxes – cardboard boxes are a must for moving or storing items. We recommend packing heavier items in smaller boxes, and lighter items in larger boxes. When storing or moving your boxes, place the heavier ones on the bottom and lighter ones on the top to avoid boxes breaking and smashing your other items.

Plastic Bins – instead of spending money on disposable cardboard boxes, invest in plastic storage bins! Plastic bins are more durable and would protect your items from rodents, water damage, and mold.

Packing Tape – packing tape is essential for properly sealing your boxes and easily transporting items. If you are packing or moving with multiple people, be sure to get a roll for each person to maximize efficiency!

Furniture Coverings – plastic furniture coverings are a good way to protect your furniture from scratches, dust, or even water damage. We recommend not wrapping your items too tightly in plastic while keeping them in your storage unit to prevent mold buildup inside the coverings.

Blankets or Sheets – blankets or sheets are another great way to cover your furniture or protect large electronic items such as TVs during a move or while in storage. If you have some old blankets or sheets that you are looking to repurpose, use them as furniture coverings! Check out some other tips on how to store furniture properly in your storage unit.

Sharpies and Labels – we recommend labeling all your cardboard boxes so you can easily identify the contents inside and keep your storage unit organized. You can either write directly on the cardboard box or stick a label on a plastic storage bin. Check out some other helpful organizational tips for your storage unit in our blog post.