Organizing Your Storage Unit for Quick Access

Published on 2/16/2023
When most people rent a storage unit, they have no intention of going back into the unit until they are ready to move again. There are other times that the unit is used as a “second” garage and items need to be pulled out quickly for use. If you plan on going into your storage unit weekly, or even daily, it is good to have a game plan on how you will organize your items.  This type of planning will help you avoid stress and headaches down the road.  Here are some easy tips to follow so you don’t end up pulling out everything in your unit just to find your favorite winter coat. 

Totes in a storage unit containing files and office supplies

Choose Same Size Boxes or Totes

One of the best ways to stay organized so you can find what you need is to choose boxes or totes that are the same size.  This helps with stacking and accessibility. While cardboard boxes tend to be the cheaper option, they have a tendency to collapse under weight. This leads to your boxes following over and creating a bigger mess. We recommend using plastics storage totes that can be found at any big box store. They are more durable and can be used for years compared to boxes.  If you are going to use boxes, make sure they are heavy duty so they will hold up over frequent stacking and moving.

Label Your Boxes or Totes

The last thing you want to do is guess which box has the items you are looking for. It is good to get in the habit of labeling your boxes. We recommend labeling the top and if possible, two sides of the box. This way, you can know the contents of each box from any angle they might be stored at.  Simple labeling like, “Winter Clothes” Or “Camping Gear” can make finding those items a breeze. If you want to stay hyper organized, then you can list exactly what is in each box on the label. 

Create a Layout Plan for Your Unit

Before you are ready to unload all of your belongings into an Outta Sight Storage unit, it’s a good idea to have a layout plan.  It makes no sense to put the boxes you know you will want to access in the far back behind other large items you may have.  Consider keeping those boxes towards the front. Its also wise to keep furniture on one side of the unit. By doing this, you can leave room down the middle so you can have room to open a box and find what you need quickly.

Consider Shelves or Racking

If you think you will be using a storage unit for long periods of time, consider investing in shelving or racking to help you stay more organized. Shelving gives you more vertical space to work with and will help avoid boxes getting stacked too high which can run the risk of falling over due to weight. Racking also gives you the chance to quickly see what you have and what you might need to access.

Upgrade to a Larger Unit

While it feels good to get everything packed into a smaller unit, this can make it difficult to grab those important items. You will spend more time shifting and moving boxes around which will waste valuable time.  If you are constantly going in and out of your unit, consider renting a larger unit. This will give you the much-needed breathing room to see what you have at a quick glance. It's always better to have more space than not enough.

With a little bit of planning and organizing, you will be able to grab those seasonal or frequently used items without a problem! 
At Outta Sight Storage, we have units of all shapes and sizes. You can rent and manage your payments online and access your unit 24/7. Rent your unit today!